there you go worrying about islamic terror you foprget just who exactly armed and financed the ira campaign against us

there you go worrying about islamic terror you foprget just who exactly armed and financed the ira campaign against us


All The President’s Men

muslim brotherhood push further into positions of power under obama

sharia unveiled

Obama National Security

by: John Daniels

While Obama continues to frighten the American people with threats of an apocalyptic doomsday if congress doesn’t address the sequestration, his plans for the transformation of America inch ever closer to a reality with each of his new appointments. Since the tragedy at Benghazi Obama has been systematically removing military leaders who were loyal to the United States and replacing them with those who are loyal to him, but it goes further than just the military.

The “radical-in-chief,’ Barack Hussein Obama’s recent nominations for Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense and C.I.A. Director, are cause for concern as well. All three of these men have one thing in common, a love for the Islamic community and a deep respect for the same ideology that caused the attacks on 9/11…Islam. While patriots across America meant it when we said we would never forget,  it seems as if these…

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and there you have a good example of propaganda


Kondisi di Suriah dan Para Mujahidin.03

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

We, the fighter formations on the torrirory of the city of Aleppo and the entire countryside, being: Jubhatu Nussrah, Kataa’ib Ahrar Sham, Liwa ut Tawheed, Ahraar Suria, Liwa Halab Ash Shahbaa, Al Islami, Haraka Fadjr ul Islammiyya, Liwa Dur’ ul Ummah, Liwa Anadan, Kataa’ib ul Islam, Liwa Jaysh Muhammad, Liwa un Nasr, Ketiebat Al Baz, Katiebat as Sultan Muhammad, Liwa Dara’ ul Islam and others… Declare that we reject the project called ‘The Syrian National Coalition’, and that there is unanimity and consensus (between us) on the establishment of a just Islamic state, and on the rejection of any external project by coalitions or councils, imposed on us from any party whatsoever. And Allah alone grants success..

Takbir! Allahu Akbar! 3x serempak

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