justice for the victims of muslim groomers

justice for the victims of muslim groomers

justice for the victims of muslim grooming gangs demonstration by britain 1st a right wing british organisation was held on whitehall in october, just before the end time of this demonstration the protesters left there plot at downing street marched down whitehall before coming to a stop on parlaiment square there under the watchfull gaze of winstone churchill this small band of men concluded their demonstration with the symbolic burning of the saudi hate flag before the eye’s of some very unhappy policemen, but the police never stop muslims burning our most sacred of symbols our flags our poppy’s, so why did they attempt to prevent this band of patriots burning an islamic symbol? only the sterling work of a few boisterous lads preventing police from getting near the flag allowed it to happen, very symbolic, its the 1st time the british have fought back by burning an islamic flag, openly before the press, for the world to see, a small band of men to be admired for standing upto the evergrowing threat around us, the british have nearly had enough!!!!!!!


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