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Site Review by:  Schuyler Montague

Earlier this week a new website was brought to my attention.  After one visit, I quickly discovered what all of the stir surrounding this new site launch was about.  Initially, I took a little tour around “Front Page Truth” and I found it to be a clean, user friendly site.  So, I leaned in a little closer and decided to peel back a layer or two and see what I could find beneath the surface.

The first thing I noticed was the relaxed and humorous writing style in the first couple paragraphs of the first article I read.  But, then the gloves came off and the author’s inner infidel broke out.  He was pulling no punches, that’s for sure.  The research that was invested into the article was evident when the author layed out all of the “undercover muslim players” on the table, like pieces of the hatred puzzle.  Then…

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